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Addressing Pain with Physical Therapy

Being in pain is not enjoyable and can prohibit you from activities, such as playing with your grand kids, going to the store, or even getting out of bed. However in some cases pain can be reduced and minimized through physical therapy.

What is physical therapy and how is it used to reduce pain?

Physical therapy (PT) is the study and focus of gaining rehabilitation, preventing future injuries and working through current issues. A physical therapist has six years of schooling and is trained specifically in rehabilitation of orthopedics, cardiovascular and neurologic conditions.

How do you know if physical therapy will help?

First you have to address what kind of injury you have and how the situation occurred. You then look to see if your injury is treatable. For example if you have a broken foot, a physical therapist can’t help until after the broken bone is healed.

To find out if a therapist can help your situation, call Legacy Rehabilitation Group to talk directly to a physical therapist at 763-267-6654.

How is physical therapy used to treat pain?

Physical therapists will first look at the problematic area that is giving you pain and assess the situation, then create a recovery plan for you to regain control. By strategically working the specific problematic area, you will gain long-term pain relief.

Some techniques physical therapists use to alleviate pain

  • Heat/cold packs
  • Cupping
  • Ultrasound
  • Dry needling
  • Manual therapy
  • Exercise equipment
  • Electric stimulation

Some other services that Legacy Rehabilitation Group offers on top of physical therapy include occupational therapy, pain management, post-op care, and a medical laboratory which consists of onsite lab draws.

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